"Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity"

 - World Health Organisation 1948



This is a precise treatment, using finger and thumb walking techniques, that cover the whole foot. It is a non invasive way of stimulating the reflex areas to aid relaxation and help reduce stress.


This is a therapeutic massage to aid recovery from injury or soft tissue dysfunction. Treatments will include a posture analysis, range of movement and functional testing.


I am also able to offer taping and strapping, dry needling and medical acupuncture

30 Min - £20 / 60 Min - £35


This is a deeply relaxing form of Reflexology which works on a variety of facial maps including Vietnamese Dien Cham, Ayurveda,Traditional Chinese Meridian and neurological. 

60 Min - £40

60 Min - £35



I have been working as a Reflexologist since 2009 when I completed my one year diploma course with The International Institute of Reflexology (IIR). I have completed additional courses in Advanced Reflexology Techniques, Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem and Limbic Reflexology. I also qualified as tutor and enjoyed several years working with the IIR helping to teach Anatomy and Physiology.

In 2015, I qualified as a Level 3 Sports Massage Therapist and have since been working to help all of my clients, dealing with a variety of conditions. In 2017 I completed the Level 4 Certificate in Sports Massage Therapy which has helped develop my skills and range of treatment options.


Since 2018, I have been working as a tutor and assessor for the Sports Massage Academy delivering the Level 3 Diploma course and specialist CPD days


​I am Fully Insured and First Aid Qualified.

Louise Greenwood

"I am totally committed to providing all of my clients with personal and professional treatments tailored to their specific needs" - Louise




Enbalance Reflexology & Sports Massage

4 Moray Place, Dronfield Woodhouse, Dronfield, S18 8ZN

Tel: 0774 874 9129

Email: louise@enbalance.co.uk


Helen, Sheffield

Initially, I was curious to try Facial Reflexology but soon  came to love my sessions with Louise. The treatment is sublimely relaxing, Louise is very generous with her wealth of knowledge, not just health wise but in many areas of life. I've suffered various hormonal imbalances that really benefited from Facial Reflexology, plus it's helped with digestion issues. I look forward to every treatment, feel blissfully content afterwards, often having drifted  into a deeply relaxed state. Louise is a true professional, she has created a lovely treatment space, and always gives 100% amazing treatments.


Alison, Dronfield

When looking for a practitioner, I look for honesty and for someone I can trust. Louise offers both. Louise offers not only a great experience but sound detailed knowledge and constructive advice to take away and act upon.  Her commitment to offering her clients well thought out and researched advice, I find is invaluable.

Chris, Dronfield

Visited Louise as I had developed a bad back, she was incredibly professional and thorough, it was painful but my back has given me no trouble since. 


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